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About Me


     After earning my B.A. and teacher certification at Francis Marion University, I entered the teaching profession at Newberry Academy, in Newberry, SC, where I had the pleasure of teaching for three years. As a teacher, I enjoyed working in a variety of subject areas, including American Literature, English Literature, and Earth Science. I also found time to pursue additional research interests in Medieval history and culture, History of the Book, and material culture.  

     In the fall of 2017, I began working toward a Master’s Degree at Auburn University. In addition to continuing to teach and to educate myself as a teacher, I began studying Medieval and Early Modern British literature with a special interest in material and print culture. I have also looked at all my classes through a teacher’s eyes; I continue to study and improve upon my pedagogy, and I have been provided with a variety of opportunities to engage with student learners. I will receive my Master’s degree in English Literature in the spring of 2019.

     As a teacher, I believe in the importance of students building their own understanding. Students in my classes engage in close readings, work collaboratively, and flex their critical thinking skills. To learn more about my pedagogical outlook and inspiration, please visit my teaching philosophy page or download my CV.

     I grew up in rural South Carolina, and my favorite places there were the woods, fields, and streams near my home. I developed a love for the forest and for things that grow. In school, I was privileged to have some really amazing teachers who fostered my love of reading and inspired me to pursue writing and teaching as a profession. After graduating from high school, I enrolled at Francis Marion University to study English literature.

Research Interests

Courtly Literature

Medieval Cosmologies

Chronicles and Historical Writing

Medieval and Early Modern Literacies

Liturgical Drama

Medieval Epistomologies

Classical Rhetoric and Its Medieval Applications

Material Correspondence

History of the Book

Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture

Manuscript Culture

Medieval Rhetoric

Critical Theory and Methodologies

Cognitive Studies in Literature

Material Culture

Affect Theory

Writing Studies

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