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Research Projects

 “To Write and Read be Henceforth Treacherous”:

The Transgression of Marking in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline

This project is a seminar paper originally written for Dr. A. Bertolet's Fall 2017 class, Visual Culture and Material Rhetoric in Shakespeare's England. This project began as an investigation into the many instances of marking and correspondence in Shakespeare's Cymbeline. However, as I progressed with the class and studied more Early Modern texts, I discovered that many made use of an economy of matierality involving invisible spirits, occult forces, astrological agencies, and al/chemical principles. Read More...


This project is an article-length paper, originally written for Dr. C. Bertolet's Spring 2018 seminar, Money and Material Power in Late Medieval English Literature. In this paper, I demonstrate how the medieval articulation of the world and the cosmos is inscribed not only upon the ludic space of York, but also upon the audience members themselves. I frame my work as a critical intervention to the theory of place and time articulated by V.A. Kolve in The Play Called Corpus Christi. Read more...

 “I Wolde Loke Both Ferre and Nere”:

Searching, Traveling, and “Telling” the World in the York Corpus Christi Plays

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