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Hello, I’m Elizabeth Brissey. I received my undergraduate degree and teaching certification from Francis Marion University and my master's degree in English Literature from Auburn University. I am currently a Ph. D candidate here at Auburn, where I teach, learn, and serve as Project Manager to


My research interests include Medieval and Early Modern epistemologies, material culture, book history, and cognitive studies in literature.


As a researcher, teacher, and student, I've sought to understand how writers represent and communicate their understanding of the natural world, the ordering of the cosmos, and their place within that grand scheme. I believe that writing is rooted in how we experience the world, both cognitively and ideologically. This conviction has guided my research as I study intersections and homologies between the written word, its medium, its content, and its writer. It also orients my teaching, as I guide my students in lessons that emphasize metacognition, reflection, and collaboration.

I am currently working on an article about medieval cosmology in the York Corpus Christi plays.

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